Outdoor sliding shutters

Outdoor wooden sliding shutters

SKIRPUS outdoor sliding shutters are made of a robust aluminium construction and natural wood fixed or movable louvers.

The shutters are easily and comfortably controlled manually or electrically. They come with a 3-year warranty.

Our projects

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Tallinn (ESTONIA)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Oslo (NORWAY)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Juodkrante (LITHUANIA)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Nufringen (GERMANY)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Marburg (GERMANY)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Vilnius (LITHUANIA)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Bergen (GERMANY)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Penzberg (GERMANY)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Kitzbuhel (AUSTRIA)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Riga (LATVIA)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Barneveld (HOLLAND)

SKIRPUS outdoor wooden sliding shutters in Hamburg (GERMANY)

Technical information

Sliding and tilting operations: manual or electric motor (220 V)

Shutters frame components: aluminium in RAL color

Shutters wooden louvers components: Siberian Larch, Thermowood, Red Cedar

Max  dimensions of 1 shutterwidth – 3000 mm, height – 4000 mm (depends of model)

Warranty: 3 years

Technical drawings

Types of shutters

Model 1 – DUSK
Model 2 – SHADOW
Model 3 – VERTICAL
Model 5 – COMPACT
Model 6 – TERRACE

Different kind of wood and various coatings

Siberian Larch
Red Cedar

More about outdoor sliding shutters

Outdoor sliding shutters help to conveniently adjust the amount of sunshine in the room. They protect the home against unwanted glances, scorching sun and excessive heat from the outside. During the cold season, outdoor sliding shutters may be pushed completely aside to allow sunlight into the room. They also serve as an insulator reducing heat leaks through the windows.

Outdoor sliding shutters are made of durable and robust aluminium construction, which prevents accumulation of moisture on the wood and ensures ventilation. Different types of treated wooden louvers are suited for outdoor conditions, robust, mechanically stable and fully resistant to moisture, fungi and mould. Only top-quality mechanisms and time-tested solutions are used to ensure a long service life. The whole product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Outdoor sliding shutters are always visible on the façade. Therefore, even with the windows open, natural wooden shutters enrich the façade and highlight architectural solutions. Natural beauty of the wood gives the effect of exclusiveness and completion of the house.

Outdoor sliding shutters protect the windows against strong winds or storms as well as small branches. To ensure stability, the shutters are fixed at the top and the bottom. Solid anchoring, durable construction and sturdy wood ensure the protection of window glass. A lock may be installed on the inner side, which provides additional protection against breaking in.

Outdoor sliding shutters come in different designs and functionalities, which allows choosing the best-suited solution. Wooden louvers of the shutters may be fixed or rotating. The louvers may be fixed in different positions depending on the model. Rotating shutters may be fully closed to blackout the room and protect it against unwanted glances or left open to let enough light in.

Both the sliding and rotating of outdoor sliding shutters may be controlled manually or electrically. The control is particularly easy and smooth, does not require much effort or additional tools. The electric motor is controlled by a remote control or wall switch.

Outdoor sliding shutters may be integrated in a smart home control system. They are compatible with most systems and will allow you to have full control without additional remote controls, switches or other devices.

The aluminium construction is designed so that natural wood has minimum contact with the construction. This allows continuous ventilation of the wood, which ensures a long service life and durability. This technological solution guarantees that different kinds of wood will serve for a long time without changes in their properties. Durable and robust aluminium frame ensures stability even when using different types of wood.

Due to a stable aluminium construction, different types of wood may be used for outdoor sliding shutters: thermowood or larch with or without coating. Only heat and steam (190–212°C) are used for thermal modification of the wood. No chemical substances are used. During thermal modification, high temperature modifies the structure of the wood and renders the wood more stable, robust, fully resistant to moisture, mould, fungi, temperature fluctuations and other outdoor conditions. Uncoated larch takes on a greyish silver shade in time. Larch coated with durable silicate paint remains unchanged for a long time and is resistant to moisture, mould, fungi and temperature fluctuations. Other types of wood: cedar, spruce, etc. with appropriate coating may also be used.