Professional advice

We will provide technical advice based on the photos, designs, etc. provided by you and offer a product at the cost acceptable to you. Our products may also be ordered remotely: our consultants will instruct you by telephone or e-mail about accurate measurement, assembly and care of the products. You can also order product colour samples, which will be sent to you in several days. If necessary, the consultant will bring product and colour samples and take measurements at your place, the service is available in the European countries.

Installation and delivery

We will take care of delivery of products to your door. Take advantage of the services of our professional installers who will quickly and professionally install the ordered products and will advise on the use and care of the new installation. The service is available in the European countries.

Warranty and post-warranty service

We ourselves provide warranty service for our products. However, even after the expiry of the warranty period, we will provide full service for our products and replace broken or damaged parts. Inform us about the damaged product and our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.