Thermowood for outdoor wooden blind

Information about thermowood

Thermally modified wood boasts unsurpassed longevity and is often compared to larch and teak.

Only heat and steam (190–212°C) are used for treating the wood. No chemical substances are used.

Thermally modified wood has resistance category 2 according to EN 113 standard.

During thermal modification, high temperature modifies the structure of the wood and renders the wood more stable, robust, fully resistant to moisture, mould, fungi, temperature fluctuations and other outdoor conditions.

Untreated thermowood

Uncoated Thermowood became silver grey color within 3-5 years and doesn’t required future care.


Untreated after 5 years

Pigmented exterior oil

New-generation wood stain, whose new binder guarantees maintenance intervals that are twice as long as with traditional stains for wood façades.
Pigmented exterior oil available in Super Color shades, which deliver deep, translucent colors. The product also contains a UV-protective agent and fungicides.
Besides protecting the wood, it gives the surface a superb appearance. Special pigments used in the product penetrate deep into the wood, providing better weather-resistance than traditional tinting pigments.